Terence will appear on TV in the USA in the following Movies/TV shows in the next few weeks:

1) “Malcom in the Middle” -Wednesday May 2nd at 7 pm in on the IFC channel.

2) The thriller “Identity” Sunday May 6th at 2:20 am on HBO East.

3) “Stuck On You” -Sunday May 6th at 4 pm on Cinemax.

4) “Identity” -Thursday May 10th at 12:50 am on HBOSGe.

5) “Stuck On You” -Friday may 11th at 1:45 on Cinemax.

6) “Identity” -Sunday May 13 at 12:50 am on HBOSGe

7) The Sitcom “Til Death” on Sunday May 13 at 2:30 am on WGN

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