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Technorati – February 22, 2012

Actor Terence Bernie Hines on A Thousand WordsRushlights

by Tim O’Shea

The next two months are going to be quite busy for actor Terence Bernie Hines. First up, on March 9, A Thousand Words, a comedy-drama Eddie Murphy film will open, featuring Hines among the supporting cast. Then, in April, Rushlights, a murder-mystery movie with a cast featuring Beau Bridges–and including Hines as well–will be released. In anticipation of these two new films, Hines was kind enough to entertain a series of questions in an email interview about the creative process in both projects.

In your next film, A Thousand Words, you are part of a cast that includes Eddie Murphy, Allison Janney, and Jack McBrayer, How did you land the role–and who are most of your scenes with?

I auditioned for the part and was initially cast in a different role; but when I met with the director Brian Robbins on set, he felt I would better fit the role as a friend of Eddie’s in his office. So everything I do is with Eddie–and we definitely had fun!

What were some of the benefits of getting to work with a director like Brian Robbins?

Brian has been in the business since he was a kid and has done literally hundreds of shows as an actor, producer or director, so he has a great sensibility for working with actors. And when he sees something that works, he just lets you go with it, which is always nice.

What appealed to you about working on A Thousand Words? Were there certain aspects of the role or your scenes that proved challenging?

I pride myself on being able to hold my own with anyone I work with–and I’ve worked with Academy Award-winning actors. I’ve followed Eddie’s career from way back when he was on SNL, before breaking big time in Hollywood. Yeah, he’s had some downs like everybody, but at the same time he’s made some of the funniest movies ever. Bottom line: Dude is funny! So for me, the challenge was to keep up with him and his improv and not let anything fall flat. And we wound up hitting it off really well and loved working together.

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