‘Walter Mitty’ star Terence Bernie Hines on Diversity in Film: A Working Actor’s Eye View

Los Angeles (November 20, 2013)– Actor Terence Bernie Hines, a 20 year veteran of the entertainment industry, is speaking out on the positive up-swing of diversity in film. The Ben Stiller tentpole The Secret Life of Walter Mitty produced through Stiller’s Red Hour Films is Hines most recent project.

Hines, who grew up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit, got his start on screen in the sci-fi series Swamp Thing. Since then, you’ve seen him in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Raising Hope and Identity.

Casting for Walter Mitty took place in Iceland and Greenland as well as the U.S. and features actors from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds.

Said Hines, “I am so proud to be a part of this film. Not only does it send an uplifting message of perseverance and the depth of the human spirit, but it does something else inspiring: it portrays an accurate depiction of diversity. The world we live in isn’t black and white, there are hundreds of unique individuals, and working performers to represent them. Walter Mitty reflects diversity in a realistic, un-stereotypical and beautiful way. It’s exciting to watch the industry adapt to the world around us and offer more opportunities to actors of diverse backgrounds. As an actor, I’m just me– whether that’s black, white or somewhere in between!”

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